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I am a process oriented artist exploring themes of memory and connection, domesticity and wilderness. These have been the predominant subjects of my work, the two poles of my life, and I exist between them. My works convey sometimes contradictory states- fatherhood and expedition, intense human connection and extreme solitude, the temporal and the timeless. Intrigued by the complexities of the mind and inspired by the richness of the visual world, I approach pictorial space as a fragmented and multilayered experience. 

My process of painting expresses the sensation of change encountered in everyday living. I make abstractions which rely on the structure of the visual world. From careful observation I dissect a collection of unique shapes, patterns, and lines.  These elements are then interpreted, coded with color, and layered upon the surface. ​


Each body of work is born from a specific moment and is approached in a way fitting to that experience. I utilize combinations of photography, drawing, and digital media as a means to navigate through a series. Painting on both paper and panel, I prefer the quick drying and transparent nature of water based paint. This helps to reveal the decisions which went into each painting, leading to a ghostly and shifting space. 

​Each decision within a painting is treated as an independent layer of information, allowing the painting to remain in flux until the abstraction is discovered. While the painting's structural information is interpreted from the observed world, how it is layered together is a matter of expression at the moment of creation. The end result becomes an internalized landscape that is both part of the past and the present. 


I enjoy the problems inherent to the language of painting. How does one express a worldly experience in two dimensions? Time, movement, and change inevitably needs to be involved.  My process has evolved to become one that expresses these multiple layers of experience.



Eric Reinemann is a contemporary painter concerned with the expression of time, memory, and landscape.  His layered abstractions rely on the structure of the visual world, which he takes apart, interprets, and rebuilds to create unique representations of time and place. 

Born in Albany, NY. in 1978, Reinemann found his way into art through landscape photography. He studied painting at SUNY Plattsburgh and went on to receive his MFA from the University of Oregon in 2003. Since then he has actively shown at universities and galleries across the country, most recently UMASS Amherst, Tennessee Technical University, and UNC Asheville. 


Reinemann was a finalist for the Gottlieb Foundation Prize and a recipient of the North Adams Project Award. His next show, Lifeworld, will open this September at the Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery of Coker University in SC.



Solo Exhibition Record

2023 Lifeworld, Cecelia Coker Bell Gallery, Coker University, Hartsville, SC

2022 Project 240, 48 Eagle Street, North Adams, MA

        Lasterday, Installation Space, North Adams, MA 

         Puzzel/PuzzleHampden Gallery, UMASS Amherst, online

2019 Recent Works, Joan Derryberry Art Gallery, Cookville, TN

2018 A Collection of 15, Bright Ideas Brewing, North Adams, MA

         New Works on Paper, Eclipse Mill , North Adams, MA

2017 Phases, Strand Center for the Arts, Plattsburgh, NY

2016 New Surface, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2014 Quiet Observations, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2008 Current, Norte Maar at Evergreen, Plattsburgh, NY

2007 20.07, Irises, Plattsburgh, NY

2006 Effect, BluSeed Studios, Saranac Lake, NY

2005 Constructions, Stadler Gallery, Kingfield, ME

2003 Structured Realities, Karin Clarke Gallery, Eugene, OR


Group Exhibition Record

2023 14th Annual Drawing Discourse, University of North Carolina, Asheville, NC

2019 DownStreet Art Storefront Installations, 49 Main Street, North Adams, MA

2017 Open Studios, Eclipse Mill, North Adams, MA

2016 SITE Unseen 9, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

2015 New Works, artist talk, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2014 Small Works Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

         SITE Unseen 8, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM

         Contemporary Abstraction, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA

2013 Abstract Matters, The Drawing Room Art Gallery, Cos Cob, CT

2012 Seattle Art Fair, Seattle WA

         Holiday Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2011 Art and Design 2021, Boston, MA

         San Francisco Fine Art Fair, San Francisco, CA

         Holiday Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2010 Art and Design 2021, Boston, MA

         Holiday Show, GF Contemporary, Santa Fe, NM

2009 Paint, Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY

2008 Peter Russom/Eric Reinemann, Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY

2007 Group Show, Mano y Mente, Tularosa, NM

2006 Postcard Show, The Lab, San Francisco, CA

         For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, BluSeed Studios, Saranac Lake, NY

2004 Faculty Show, SUNY Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY



2022 Visual Artist Series, SUNY Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY

2019 A4A North Adams Project, North Adams, MA

2019 A4A North Adams Storefront Project, North Adams, MA

2009 Distinguished Artist Award, Climate Gallery, Long Island City, NY

2007 Artist in Residence Fellowship, Mano y Mente, Tularosa, New Mexico




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15, 2016.

Teresa Anastasion, Show Review, “Eric Reinemann: Quiet Observations,” THE Magazine, July 3,


Lisa Rasmussen, Interview, “I am an Artist: Eric Reinemann,” Art is Moving, March 26, 2010.


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