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   Project 240 was a timed based installation project. For two months I rented a store front studio on historic Eagle Street in North Adams, MA. I went into the project with ten panels and plenty of 9x14 paper. My aim was to put 240 hours of work into the project, about four hours a day, and leave it behind when it was done. 

    I spent a lot of time working with a camera a few months prior to the start of this project, documenting my kids and the local landscape. I had a collection of photos for each subject. Drawings were made by finding the unique edges and isolating moments found within the photos. The paintings became a collection of layered responses to these drawings studies, creating the most abstracting process I have explored in a while. 

   Each of the paintings seen here are followed by four of its drawings. Ninety nine drawings were made in total for this group of ten paintings. And of those paintings half found resolve. The unfinished panels were recycled into the next body of paintings, Memories From The Forest, creating a unique starting layer and ultimately dictating the outcome of those works.  


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